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The search for Eshan


This is the plan for my introductory adventure. PCs are created at level 3, with the following guidelines:


Player characters will all have some connection to the Aagen family; they can be retainers, former bodyguards, gardeners, members of the family, cousins, and so on. The Aagen family are human, but had many retainers from other races, so there's no restriction there. As recently as ten years ago, the Aagen family were the rulers of the Aagen Valley. In a treaty (some say an appeasement) between the land of Muir and the warlike Kingdom of Koaria, the Aagen Valley was ceded to Koaria and the Aagen family became landless. The Aagen family left the Aagen valley, taking what wealth they had to the cities of the south, where they have begun to prosper as a family of well-travelled and well-connected merchants.


The immediate backstory is this:


Ten years ago, House Aagen took its wealth southward, out of Muir, to the city of Plen. With them came their loyal retainers and many of their local allies and friends (many were unwilling to dwell under the new Koarian lords of the Aagen valley). In Plen, the Aagen family, with a strong pool of skilled friends to draw on quickly gained a reputation for shrewd business dealings, purchasing, co-ordinating, and profiting from many forms of trade that filtered through the burgeoning markets of Plen.

In the years since, the noble members of House Aagen have faced a few assassination attempts, probably from the new lords of their traditional stead who are paranoid that they will return.

Northwest of Plen lies the city of Sorvane, a gnomish enclave shrouded in mystery and danger. Reaching Sorvane at all requires a guide through the Gnens, a dangerous marsh that borders the calmest part of the mighty Blackwater (wide river). Recently, a gnomish family in Sorvane offered to protect House Aagen and join them as retainers. Eshan, an elven messenger whose loyalty to House Aagen stretched back six generations, was sent to Sorvane to secure the deal. Weeks later, House Aagen receives a note indicating that the messenger never arrived. The PCs are sent to discover what happened to him.


Town 0 (the setup)



Town 1



Town 2 (the looters)


Play begins approaching a small town. The town is abandoned, but there are some orc, half-orc, and human thugs looting it. One survivor has been hiding out here, and can point the players in the direction of the cult.


The finale is the assault on the cult's temple in order to free Eshan and the other captives from the cult.

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