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Aagen Family


The Aagen family are the principal patrons of the PCs in the E6 campaign



The Family


Murius IV is the patriarch of the Aagen family, and Valoria is his wife. Their children are Murius V and Tarsan (by Epnia, Murius IV's first wife) and, Murian, Lumia, and Viria (by Valoria).


Murius V is expected to take over the family business when Murius IV dies.


The Koarian Hallre family came into possession of the Aagen valley after the Aagen family was evicted.




The retainers of the Aagen family include:


Enoran, elven warrior and messenger

Rothe Hallack, cleric

Rali, master of ceremonies

Sabbo, halfling messenger


City of Plen


Yano Mattas - Guard Captain, known to be just by the party.

Gulthan Mandras - merchant that Sabbo swindled

Ollano Birch - merchant that was roughed up by protection racket

Vand Leseno - corrupt city official

Kempa - corrupt guard





Karukh - Koarian assassin who works for the Hallre family.

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