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Enoran (Demigod)

The Old Spirit

Symbol: Sun setting behind two trees with trunks intertwined, one tree is leafless.

Alignment: N

Portfolio: Death, the ending of things, mourning

Domains: Knowledge, Travel

Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff

Enoran (EN-or-an) was a god spoken of only rarely among the elves, for he represented the rarity of elven death from age, as well as the aging and decay of the world over time. He also comforts those who have suffered loss, whether the loss of a family member or the death of a treasured tree.


After the fall of the Elven Empire 3000 years ago, Enoran's faith swelled in numbers, as the elves mourned the loss of their dominion. The sad and weary Enoran comforted the elves. For the elves who turned to Enoran, this was quiet solace after the strife of the Empire's collapse, and in comforting the elven people Enoran himself found a kind of renewal. Enoran's long-faded vengeance aspect disappeared entirely, replaced by a gentleness and caring for those who would come after.


Enoran is depicted as an ancient elf with gray hair and a wrinkled face. His right hand leans on a staff, but his left hand is open, showing seeds. In Imperial-era depictions Enoran was rarely shown alone and usually appeared only in the background of pictures of the elven pantheon.


Enoran is said to keep a book of names of all the elven dead, written in his own blood.


Enoran’s faithful fast for the last three days of the year, lighting a black candle on each of these days, breaking their fast on the first sunrise of the new year (the elven new year matches the human one, occuring in early spring). Enoran is the primary god of the elven Accepters.

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