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This page contains many different feats, grouped by how they are meant to be used. Note that each individual GM should choose only those feats that match their style; some will prefer to use Essential and Capstone feats, others will use their own feats to cover the Essential feats but add the Ability Score feats, and so on.


Essential Feats


While any E6 game should have a wide selection of feats available, the following fill very important niches in the rules. Similar feats from other products can also be used; the ones here are 100% OGC so that they can be used in any E6 game or product.


Villainous Feats


These feats are typically for NPCs, to provide for some of the abilities fantasy villains have at their disposal.


Ability Score Feats


Ability Score feats allow characters to advance their ability scores.


Gestalt Theory Feats


These feats are made to provide characters with the ability to multiclass into powerful combinations, and eventually gain abilities of other classes.


Capstone Feats


These feats provide a few of the signature class abilities not available to 6th level characters. These are not strictly necessary for an E6 campaign but many use them to help cement character concepts that might otherwise be difficult for players to capture.


Other Feats


Swift Metamagic (Metamagic) (Kunimatyu)

When you take this feat, select a metamagic feat. As a swift action once per day, you may apply this metamagic feat to a spell you cast with no adjustment to the level of the spell cast.

Special: You must have a number of Swift metamagic feats equal to the level increase of your chosen metamagic, minus one, to take this feat. For example, Empower Spell, which boosts the level of a spell by 2, has a prerequisite of 1 Swift feat. Split Ray, which has an increase of 1, would have no prerequisites. This feat may be taken multiple times.


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