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Order of the Golden Chalice

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Order of the Golden Chalice


The Order of the Golden Chalice was founded by Donas, a paladin prince whose kingdom had been lost in the days of his mother. He raised a small army to battle against the undead and demon-spawn of his homeland, but soon lost many of his freinds and brethren to the seemingly endless bloodshed.


In his darkest hour, three angels appeared to Donas: Urihiel, Bearer of the Four Holy Sealings; Zakafiel, Guardian of the Bright Forge; and Bakuryah, Guide of the Spark of Life. They told him that his quest to restore the kingdom would never come to pass while he lived, but if he chose to train a host of knights in the ideals of the heavens, they would hold for more than 10 generations.


Donas lead his surviving followers from the demon-claimed land, and founded the Order of the Golden Chalice.

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