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From an E6 rules perspective, Elves are usually quite strong - an elf is more likely to be above level 1, and some elves have many, many feats, because their lives are so long and they have so many experiences to draw on. PC Elves should still follow the same guidelines as other player characters.


3000 years ago, the 6000-year-old Elven empire collapsed so dramatically that it left a permanent scar on the elven psyche. Elves are now divided into two camps: Accepters and Deniers


Accepters believe that Elven Civilization - and especially Elven Empire - are a bad idea. They either retreat from or integrate with the other races' civilizations. Accepters primarily venerate Enoran, the Elven god of repose.


Deniers believe that Elven Civilization - and especially Elven Empire - need to be restored. They attempt to subvert, dominate, or destroy other races' civilizations.





Giants have a cultural obsession with bones. Giant bones are much heavier and sturdier than human bones, so they are also prized by other races.


Loru is the current Guardian King, ruling over a group of elite Giant warriors who have been preserved in a holy form of undeath for hundreds of years. Loru frequently advises whatever Giantish king currently rules over Co.




SRD Races


Racial levels for PHB races can be found on Monte Cook's site here

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