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The Angelic Temple


The principal faith of the region is the Angelic Temple; also known as the Church of the Many Angels. This is vaguely similar to hinduism, where each individual angel is a kind of conduit to or aspect of the divine. Each person has their own favored angel, but they are also worshipped as a whole. Anger of the Angels has some great example angels, though the names are different. There are also angels of different concepts, especially virtues, but many are representations of the good aspects of things in the world (heavenly bodies, plants, animals, and so on). I haven't made the entire list, but feel free to throw out concepts when we're talking at the session.


Key Angels


The following are considered the mightiest angels of the Northern tradition:


  • Fiutiel (Angel of Virtue)
  • Koiusel (Angel of Kingship)
  • Sayelnas (Angel of Righteousness)
  • Goialan (Angel of Purity)
  • Passa (Angel of Peace)
  • Rorsh (Angel of Pronouncement)
  • Aimeri (Angel of Repose)
  • Chalat (Angel of Redemption)


Other Angels


  • Chalavar
  • Yaheine
  • Thalander
  • Urihiel, Zakafiel, Bakuryah



There is currently a major schism brewing between Orthodox and Unorthodox members of the Angelic Temple. Orthodox members claim that many strange spirits - or even demons - were canonized by misguided or corrupted missionaries as they tried to convert distant lands to Angelicism. Thus, the Schism is shaping up to be a highly political one, with Falish and Peilian angels called canonical and those of more distant lands (such as Ish) declared heretical.


Organizations within the Temple


Organizations within the temple include

  • The Order of the Golden Chalice, who are the devotees of the angels Urihiel, Zakafiel, and Bakuryah.
  • The Sword Maidens, who are followers of the angel Yaheine.
  • The Chalavarim, worshippers of the angel Chalavar, primarily from the land of Ish with concern for feeding the hungry.
  • Thalandrians, followers of the life angel Thalander




The Faith of the Runegod


The Faith of the Runegod is a more esoteric, niche faith with a much smaller number of worshippers. Although in the past they had been persecuted by the Angelic church, a longstanding (basically papal) edict gave the Runegod's followers a kind of protection, so long as they pass their faith only to their descendants.


Many halflings are followers of the Faith of the Runegod, although most of these also pay respects to Korven, the halfling defender deity.


Elven Deities




Halfling Deities




Demon Lords


  • Beyogo (the Master, manipulation)
  • Vogg (Wildfire, destruction)
  • Halgrin (Screams, torture)
  • Noios (an elder demon)
  • Larhoon (destruction, death)
  • Kaen (dominance)

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