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Dating Convention


Cycles of the Maw


Era of Elder Evils; the Maw is their home, although no place is safe from them.


Cycle of Janus


The Dreaming, The Maw, and the Void exist. From this emerge the Titans.


Cycle of Tral


From the elder titans emerge eight primordial nodes: Clay, Obsidian, Mist, Spark, Frost, Fume (Aridity), Bone, and Silt. These nodes are vast, like the Maw, and can be reached through the Dreaming.


Cycle of Iotha


Intersections of the eight primordial nodes emanate the Elemental Planes: Fire, Earth, Air, Water, Positive Energy, and Negative Energy. At their borders, some combinations and permutations are considered planes, others not. Factions begin to exist among various creatures in these planes.


Cycle of Passur


A Seed is brought from the Dreaming to the Void, causing the first Planar Catalysis.


Elder Evils are missing or go dormant.


Noios, a powerful Lord of the Maw, sends his Swarm (thousands of Black Aboleths) to determine the fate of the Elder Evils. The Black Aboleths search the Void for the Elder Evils, and find the world created by the Planar Catalysis. They settle there and begin crafting various forms of life to suit their needs. Eventually this includes basic sentient life, and Noios sends spawning Kraken to the Black Aboleths to reward them for their many sacrifices of such creatures.


Several Cycles pass


Cycle of Kaiyune


c 11000

  • Collapse of the Elven empires



  • The Long War begins (actually a series of conflicts with occasional pauses)



  • Loru ascends the throne of Co
  • Giants of Co enter the Long War.



  • Long War ends as Giants force the Pact on humans. Loru is ritualistically turned into a Guardian.



  • Black Letter informs Aagen family that they are deposed of their ancestral valley, which is ceded to Koaria.


  • New Year's Festival (spring)
  • Migration of Aagen family to Plen; Aagen family helps resolve food crisis resulting from blockade.
  • Hallre family takes possession of the Aagen valley.
  • New Year's Festival in Plen
  • That time with the Bear
  • Assassination attempt against the Aagen family
  • The hottest day of the year

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